BAD NEWS For Thugs In America… Look Who He Just Sent To Round Them All Up!

President Trump has placed Attorney General Jeff Sessions in charge of fighting the notoriously dangerous MS-13 gang. This gang is known to sever people with machetes and is comprised of people mostly from Central America. Many of the members are illegal immigrants.

President Trump stated that the previous leadership, former President Obama, had weak immigration policies that helped allow gangs of illegal immigrants to form in cities across America. Trump Tweeted that his administration is quickly removing the gangs.

I expect to see a war between ICE agents and MS-13, because a violent gang will not go anywhere without a battle. There’s no way that a gang with a reputation like this is leaving America without a bloodbath. If you think, for one second, that it will go peacefully, then you are as crazy as Rachel Dolezal (the white woman who thinks she’s black).

MS-13 gangs are probably locked and loaded, just waiting for ICE to knock on their door like Three’s Company. ICE better go to war heavily armed and with their most bulletproof vests and armored vehicles. MS-13 is known for wielding a machete, but I think they’ll pull out the weaponry for Jeff Sessions.

Tucker Carlson spoke with AG Sessions about the open lawless border which helped allow people from Central America to migrate into North America and form their gangs. Whatever roots of the gangs we previously experienced, have blossomed into forces to be reckoned with. Sessions sounds confident in his plan to battle the gang members. Or does he?

Here’s a picture that shows the top ICE offices who’ve arrested MS-13 gang members. This is a particularly stupid image to post online, as it may give MS-13 members a tip to move around to another city. Why would a gang stay in Dallas if they know that’s a hot spot for ICE agents? Perhaps the gang members shift operations to the neighboring city or even a few cities over and ICE agents are left looking around to find nothing.

This graphic shows similarities with Obama’s UAC (Unaccompanied Alien Children) immigration program. Strange how it almost identically matches with the previous image. What does this tell people? Is the growth of the MS-13 gang a result of Obama’s lax immigration laws and UAC program? The evidence is there, but is that evidence simply because those might be highly populated cities? Or is it a true comparison that shows the reality of the downfalls of Obama’s program? If you look at the locations of the major cities above and compare that to the image below that shows the locations of what I believe is the most number of immigrants due to the UAC program, then you clearly see a striking similarity. Of course, it’s a matter of numbers and sometimes numbers are bigger because of the depth of the population of any given city. But did you notice – the UAC program doesn’t look too busy in North Dakota. Neither do the ICE arrests. So is this a legitimate comparison to make in regards to the UAC program and the number of illegal immigrants arrested by ICE? Sure seems like it.


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