Bill O’Reilly Leaks Truth On Megyn Kelly, Sends Her Scurrying Back Under Rock She Crawled Out From

While we can all agree that Bill O’Reilly has his shortcomings, he is doing the best he can with the amount of power and wealth that he has accumulated over the years.

Megyn Kelly isn’t brave. She is attacking a man who has already lost his job. And now, she is on the verge of losing her own career, and it serves her right.

Kelly’s show is in deep, and her career can’t take much more before it implodes. She is working as hard as she can to save it, because lord knows her last career went down in flames.

Libertywriters reported

Weinstein and Polanski will be forgiven, but the problem if you work for Fox is that the mainstream media will be all over you, just as they have been with Bill O’Reilly. Megyn Kelly knew exactly what she was doing when she decided to stab Bill in the back. She deliberately threw him under the bus to save her own skin.

Bill decided to take the high road and do what a good reporter should do. Instead of stooping to Kelly’s level, he decided to use evidence and truth to destroy her. He just released some letters from Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson to the public. These letters show the women in a different light, not the light they want the public to see them in.

He decided to release the damning proof on his website, You can figure it out for yourself after viewing the evidence. These letters prove that Bill is right, and Megyn Kelly is just plain wrong.

Letter #1:

Dear Bill:

What a class act you are, coming to my baby shower. I was truly touched –  I know how busy you are, especially that time of day. It meant a lot to me + Doug. And thank you for the darling bodysuits + snuggly – it’s hard to believe will soon have a little human being in our lives tiny enough to fit in the,

You’ve become a dear friend (no matter what you say) + I am grateful to have you in my life.

Megyn & Doug

Letter #2:

Bill –

Thanks for the plug on Doug’s book. I realize you didn’t have to do that, especially after mentioning it already.

I appreciate how supportive you have been of me over the years here @ FNC.

You are a true friend + mentor.



Letter #3

Bill –

Thank you for being the calm in the sea. Thank you so much for supporting me. Thank you for being my friend. It means the world to me


[Gretchen Carlson]

These women have seriously got to be kidding. Don’t they realize when you write something down, when you email something, even when you say it out loud that it is going on the record? It will never be erased. Maybe these “ladies” will think twice before lying through their teeth again.


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