BREAKING: Israel Attacked, Warplanes Respond…

The Syrian Civil War continues to expand into a full-scale regional conflict. As evidence of this, the Israeli Defense Forces just launched a strike targeting fighters inside of Syrian territory.

On Friday afternoon, Israel struck back after two rockets fired from Syria landed in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. On the same day, a mortar strike also fell in Golan. In response, the Israelis struck a military position in Quneitra, via Jerusalem Post.

While Israeli media remains somewhat silent about who caused the first attack, the official agency of Syria, SANA, claims that the Israelis hit a military site under the control of President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Arab Army, via Israeli National News.

Further, the SAA asserted that the Israeli strike was an act of “aggression” that only caused “material damage.”

This is far from the first time that Israel has become involved in the Syrian Civil War. Tel Aviv, which considers both Assad and his Hezbollah allies as major threats, frequently lobs shells or conducts airstrikes in order to keep Assad from transferring advanced weapon systems to Hezbollah

Today, the area around the Golan Heights continues to be a scene of fighting between the Syrian government and various rebel factions, most of which are hardcore Islamists

Israeli commandos have been caught on camera crossing over into Syria in order to drag the wounded or dying from the battlefield.

These patients, all most all of whom are rebel fighters, are treated in Israeli hospitals. Therefore, Israel, the sworn enemy of the Arab Middle East, has actually helped to save the lives of jihadists, via Daily Mail.

While this may seem like a monumental act of selfless humanitarianism, many question Israel’s willingness to aid Islamic militants.

Major General Herzi Halevi, the leader of IDF intelligence, has said openly that Tel Aviv prefers ISIS to the Assad regime.

Speaking as a representative of the Israeli government, Major General Halevy bluntly told a conference audience that Israel does not want ISIS defeated in Syria, via AMN.

Israel’s position regarding the Syrian Civil War makes them somewhat of a rogue agent for the West, which seeks to destroy ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

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