Revealed! Infuriating Proof Just Erupts, Obama Lied To America For 8 Years

Kirsters Baish| It isn’t hard to see that the mainstream Liberal media and the rest of the Left in Washington did everything they could to aid former President Barack Obama in hiding and distorting employments and monetary numbers in order to make him look better. Extremely important metrics were overlooked by Obama’s attendants in the Labor Department, and his cronies in the media warped stories in order to make the former president look like a genius. It’s time for these kinds of things to be looked at more carefully. Labor participation rate as well as tallying people who have stopped looking for work would have caused unemployment rates to skyrocket.

Obama and the rest of the corrupt swamp creatures in Washington weren’t about to allow that to happen. So, they did what they do best. They lied time and time again in order to hide the strength of the American economy as well as the growing concern about work metrics.

It’s seeming more and more like all Obama cared about was his own self-image. The man bragged constantly about job numbers and even told critics to look for themselves. If we take into account every detail, the numbers show that his pundits were correct.

Yes I’m Right explained that after Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election and different organizations started to promise to bring jobs back into the United States, Josh Earnest, former President Obama’s Press Secretary, actually downplayed Trump’s pre-presidential victories by saying this:

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this means that more than 300,000 assembling jobs were taken away during the time that Barack Obama was in office. These jobs were taken right out of the hands of American citizens.

This leaves us questioning how Josh Earnest came up with these fake numbers. He was way off in his “facts,” and it’s about time that the Left be held responsible for their lies. This is all too common for the Left. They tend to twist the truth and create their own “facts” in order to back up their narratives.

USA Politics Today explained:

This kind of fabrication of facts cannot be tolerated any longer. We now have a president in office who is more interested in the truth and creating opportunities for American citizens than lying to make himself look good. Let’s be thankful for that.

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