Six States Just Gave Illegals HUGE Kick In The Ass With BRUTAL Move They Just Made

According to a CNN report, Texas isn’t the only jurisdiction who is trying to outlaw sanctuary cities that protect Illegal Aliens in our great nation. In fact, there are now currently more than 80 bills related to sanctuary city policies which are currently pending across the country confirms this number: 

What Bills Are States Introducing Regarding Sanctuary Policies?

At least 36 states and the District of Columbia are considering legislation in 2017 regarding sanctuary jurisdictions or noncompliance with immigration detainers. Of these states, 33 states would prohibit sanctuary policies and 15 states and the District of Columbia would support.  Twelve states have legislation on both sides of the issue.  Bills have been introduced in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. More than 120 bills are pending on the issue of sanctuary jurisdictions and immigration detainers.

California’s SR22, enacted March 6, calls upon President Trump and Secretary Kelly to publicly reaffirm the principles of the ICE policy memorandum dated Oct. 24, 2011, regarding enforcement actions at sensitive locations such as courthouses, hospitals and houses of worship.

Mississippi S2710, enacted March 27, bars state or local jurisdictions or college institutions from prohibiting cooperation with federal agencies or officials to verify or report the immigration status of any person.Georgia H37, enacted April 27, prohibits postsecondary institutions from adopting sanctuary policies and adds penalties for violations. Indiana S423, enacted May 2, added secondary educational institutions to its law prohibiting localities from limiting communication about immigration status with federal law enforcement.

Texas S4 was signed by the governor on May 7, 2017. The law prohibits localities, institutions of higher education, police departments, sheriffs, municipal or county attorneys from adopting policies that prohibit enforcement of state and federal immigration laws. Violations can result in civil penalties. The law does not apply to hospitals, public health departments, or school districts. Law enforcement must comply with federal detainer requests.

Virginia  vetoed two bills requiring compliance with detainers and cooperation with federal law enforcement.

In 2016, Georgia enacted S269 which requires state agencies that fund municipalities to submit an annual certificate of compliance with the prohibition on immigration sanctuary policies by local entities.

Two states have enacted legislation to prohibit compliance with detainers unless certain conditions are met, including conviction of specified crimes: The Transparency and Responsibility Using State Tools (TRUST) act was enacted in Connecticut in May 2013 and in California in October 2013. A similar bill is pending in Illinois (H3099).

Because we finally have a president in Donald J. Trump who keeps his campaign promises and who puts us law abiding American Citizens above all else, it’s starting to look like the nation is quickly beginning to fall in line with the idea that we need to start enforcing our immigration laws.

The very same Immigration Laws which worked for decades. The same laws my own parents used to immigrate to this great country when I was just a toddler. Those laws worked for them, and millions of others for decades. But now two-bit politicians say they don’t work and that we need new laws? Wouldn’t we need to enforce our current laws in order to know if they work, or not, today? After we lost 3,000 innocent souls on 9/11/2001 there is simply no excuse for the fact that 16 years later we’re still not enforcing our immigration laws.What will it take? A nuke attack on a major city before people wake up to the fact there are actually people in this world who would stop at nothing to end our way of life and our very culture?

The only explanation I can come up with for political hacks saying our current laws aren’t good enough is that Democrats want future voters and the GOP wants the money The American Chamber of Commerce pays them so their big businesses can have an ample supply of cheap labor.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it very clear that the Trump Administration will not play games with the safety of law abiding American Citizens. The days of the United States taking in, housing, and caring for the 3rd world’s problems are over. And thank goodness, it’s been 30 years past due.


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