Unbelievable: Pedophile Priest With HIV Who Raped More Than 30 Children Forgiven By the Church

Kirsters Baish| This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a big name in the Catholic church being accused of crimes against children. A Catholic Priest who is a known pedophile has just been acquitted by the Catholic church after he openly admitted that he raped nearly thirty young children. All of the girls were between the ages of five and ten years old. How he could possibly be acquitted of such charges remains a complete mystery to me.

Priest Jose Garcia Ataulfo was being charged with raping multiple children, and won’t face any criminal charges. What really takes the damn cake is that not only did Ataulfo rape these young children, but he was infected with HIV at the time of the rapes… and he knew damn well about his condition.

One of the mothers of the children who was raped by the sick priest wrote her own letter to The Pope himself. She requested that she be granted a meeting with him in Rome to talk about the case. The Vatican didn’t think twice before shunning the woman and explained that “the matter is closed.”

Ataulfo explained that he in fact did rape these young children. Many of the pedophile’s victims were young girls who were indigenous from Oaxaca, which is a state in southern Mexico which is known for its big indigenous population.

The Catholic Church holds a huge influence in Mexico, and because of this the priest won’t be facing criminal charges at all. His crimes were committed in areas that are largely populated by indigenous ethnic groups.

USA Politics Today wrote:

The Daily Mail stated that the sexual abuse of young children by priests and the usual cover-ups carried out by bishops and Catholic church officials have been happening all over the world, and that doesn’t exclude the United States.

This is a huge problem, and something needs to be done as soon as possible. We cannot allow children to be raped by these sick individuals who are using their positions of power to take advantage of minors. It’s time for someone to step up and fix the underlying problems of corruption within the Catholic Church.

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