thug served justice 2

A Philadelphia thug thought it would be a good idea to jump onto a police car one day, because apparently him and his friends thought it was funny. Well unfortunately for him, nobody was laughing when the cop got out and immediately put the thug in his place.

The event allegedly took place at a Temple University homecoming football game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where numerous young adults were pre-gaming. Unfortunately however, it turns out that the group had too much to drink, and one of them decided to do something a bit too stupid.

One of the thugs jumped as high up in the air as possible, and slammed down onto the police cruiser, in an attempt to do as much damage as possible. For those of you unaware, the man was doing a social media stunt called “put him in the coffin.”

This practice, where the thug crosses his arms, jumps up, and smashes down onto something in an attempt to damage it, is not an isolated incident. We’ve seen this happen in numerous other cities before, where Black Lives Matter protests tend to congregate.

After smashing onto the back window of the police cruiser, the crowd immediately burst out in laughter—but after what this patriotic cop did, that thug won’t be laughing any more.


Almost immediately after the sick stunt, a visibly angry officer got out of the car and got down to business. He quickly grabbed the thug by the collar, and ripped him off the cruiser, forcing him onto the ground. The crowd’s laughter immediately diminished.

He then picked the thug up and shoved him into the back of a police cruiser, much to the chagrin of the crowd. “No, not Charles!” one of them shouted, half jokingly half seriously. Well I don’t know about the audience, but I doubt that Charles will be laughing in the back of that police car.

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