A wannabe gangster got himself into a load of trouble after trying to pick a fight with a crippled white boy. His intended victim had a broken right hand, so the smug bully probably thought he was picking an easy target—but after what happened just seconds after he pushed the victim, he won’t be bullying anyone for much longer.

A shocking incident which appears to have taken place in an American high school has been going viral, after a classmate managed to capture it on film. Although it isn’t clear what the backstory is between these two, it appears that the thug was provoking the lone white boy for no reason aside from the fact that he’s white.

As the thug started yelling racial slurs and screaming in the innocent victim’s face, classmates immediately whipped out their phones and began recording—that’s where things got ugly. “I don’t give a f— what you said, if I hear it out your mouth n—- you’re getting popped!” he can be heard yelling.

The racist thug continually provokes the crippled white kid who has seemingly been doing nothing except sitting at his desk—but once the bully realizes his intended victim isn’t going to fight back, he takes things a step further. “Shut the f— up!” he yells, before doing the unthinkable.

As if his angry yelling and cursing weren’t enough, the thug then hocks a loogie and spits it in the victim’s face, again for no apparent reason. The victim quickly stands up, but realizes he’s outgunned—there’s no way he can take on this massive thug when he has a broken right arm.

The thug realizes this and quickly pushes the white boy back into the wall, knowing he won’t be able to defend himself…that’s when things took an unexpected turn for this racist bully. Seemingly out of nowhere, a kid who was stacking books right next to them jumps in and immediately knocks the thug out cold.

So much for his tough behavior. It’s funny how these thugs always act tough, but when it comes down to it, they’re nothing more than cowards—this one was acting cockier than ever when he was confronting a crippled boy, but when a healthy young man punched him in the face, he buckled like a Styrofoam block.

A teacher then comes in afterwards, presumably to stop the incident, but many have been asking where he was during the 25 seconds of verbal abuse and racial slurs being yelled. Is this truly the sad state of our public schools? If so, it’s no surprise that today’s younger generation is so brainwashed.

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